JVC D-ILA 70-inch LCoS reviewed

It's probably just a little too late to ask for one of these for the holidays, but you can still plan for next year (hey, Valentine's Day is coming, right?) by checking out Sound and Vision's review of 70-inch HD-ILA Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) set. The D-ILA isn't the first XXL LCoS set, but at about $6,000 it's significantly cheaper than its main rival, Sony's rear-projection SXRD model. Sound and Vision found the HD-ILA — which boasts full true hi def 1080p 1920x1280 resolution — to be a stellar performer, with sharp pictures and blacks that ranked as "the best [they]’ve seen from a rear-projection HDTV this past year." And although the review pointed out some user interface glitches and other minor issues, the overall impression was that this is a "giant HDTV manages to combine the high resolution of 1080p with most of the other characteristics that make a great-looking image." (Of course, you can forget about hanging this on your wall plasma-style, but we dare you to find a 70-inch, 1080p plasma for this price.)

[Via HD Beat]