Norcent's 20- to 32-inch LCDs

norcent 27-inch lcd

Norcent, a "leading supplier of consumer electronics," has just announced a new line of 20- to 32-inch LCD TVs (the LT-2022, 2023, 2722, and 3222) targeted at the budget-minded consumer. $550 will get you the most basic of the four new models, a 20-inch set that musters 640 x 480 resolution and a so-so 500:1 contrast ratio. As you step up the line you get another 20-inch model (but with 800 x 600 and a PC input), a 27-incher (1280 x 720, 600:1), and finally, the flagship 32-inch display, which sports 1366 x 768 pixels and a more respectable 1000:1 contrast ratio. Not surprisingly, no 1080p to be found here, although the DVI inputs are a nice touch. You can get your hands on the full lineup of these newcomers next month.